The poster of the Disvilley District-preliminary ideas

The distillery district-five preliminary ideas

Most of my rough copies are using the main symbol of the Distillery District. For example, time stands, the buildings and other display (because I don’t know the name of them). These display show the idea of the poster easily.

I would also like to write some words on the top when I finish the poster to show some information of the Distillery District.



In this work, I used a mobile with a dollar sign in it, in the land of the earth. I wanted to show mobile was like virus, can spread all over the world in a short period. I used green and blue color to make the land and ocean.

When I finished this, I saved it and wanted to try other style of my work, because this one looks really normal.

Then, I tried to used different color of the background, for example, yellow, red, pink, purple, blue, black, white and so on.

At last, I chose purple and black.

When I saw the purple one, I really like it and it shows the outline more shinning.

But compared to the black one. The black one emphasized the main point -phone. And it also looks like the color of stock. It connected to money.

This project that I like are the color and the idea, simple and clear. The thing that I did not like is the work can not show the map of the whole world. From this project, I leant that I had to spend more time at the beginning of the project, such as the creative things, because my creative is not good enough. I really need to improve it.