FINAL- Calendar

Gradient change shows in letter May. The colour of letter May is from light to dark.

The year, I used it in color to emphasis it. In this calendar, Bodoni is used in this calendar.

In this calendar, the year and the month were both put on the edge of the calendar. The year was horizontal and the month was vertical.  The date of the month were put on the left side to balance it.

This calendar, the biggest two was not only represent the February and part of the year, 2012.  The year is also put randomly and the rest of the number of the year were smaller to show the difference between the year n the month. Bodoni is also used in here.



Before I finished this poster, I put the title of the Distillery District on the top of the poster and it was horizontal.

Then, after being given some suggestions, I changed it and put it on the right hand side vertically. I also moved the image a little bit left in order to look better with the black blank on the right.

I used the words in orange to match the buildings and to emphasis the name.

Conceptual vector composition: Presentable concepts(The Disvilley District)

After finishing the  rough image of the posters, I did some change of it, I added some words n information line spaces in my rough works after Derek has evaluated.

Then I choose three of my rough, one is this.

I took this picture from there, but I still wondering if I should add one symbolize thing on the back to stand out the poster of The Distilley District.

Then the other two are these.

The first one ,I use two of the symbol of The Distillery District in my work to stress the meaning of the poster. And the colors are all using the same color as the photos that I took.

The last one, I used one building to represent The Distillery District. Buildings are famous for it. If people saw this poster, they can get the main scene is the building.

All of them, I used different letter forms in different rough.