When I read the file of my last assignment, which was creating a logo and two posters of Children’s Aid Foundation. I really had no idea about it.

After I went to the website of Children’s Aid Foundation, I found out that what it is about. Then I began to think about the logo, I drew a lot of them. However, I get the wrong information of logo, therefore, most of them were wrong.

At last, I did my logo like this, simple and clear.

It looks like a tree which means children grow up like a tree.

In another way, it is a person who is pushing up the heart.

People show give love to children, so that they can grow up as strong as the tree.

The colour of the logo are pink and light brown. Pink shows the love, brown shows the trunk and person.

Two posters were created by the two dolls. At first, I wanted to use bear or balloon that I took photo of. When I put them in the poster, they didn’t show the information that I wanted to tell. So I chose these two dolls. Two dolls also matched the heading and the statement that I wrote. The colour of the heading and the statement were warm, which matched the dolls and the logo.

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