2nd Ad

Apple’s Ads

It shows how many entertainment that iPod has. For example, music,games,images, camera, internet and so on. This ad also shows the balance of the poster. From small to large image of the Apps.

Audience: teenagers, adults who love music and games, or who want to have an iPod to save their photos or information.

I saw this online.



Design Process category: icon research

I was attracted to this set of icons because the style of the set of icon are using Hello Kitty. The set of icons are really cute and lovely. Most of girls will be attracted by this set of icons, especially the girls who are really like Hello Kitty.

The icons are for the Apps in phone. There are camera, email, earth(internet) and bird(music) to show that the icons are for the Apps.

The icons background are using pink which is for girls. And the icons are mostly using white, red or any other light colours to match the main cartoon pattern. Most of the icons are using the face of Hello Kitty, bird, egg, envelope or other symbols. They are all the same style which contribute to conveying the message. Not only the colour, but also the symbols convey the message. The only thing that I don’t think they works is the size of them.

1st ad

camera‘s ad

This ad shows how the camera shot well. Due to tiger runs really fast, the holding thing hold the tiger to make it stop, which shows how the camera can shot movement and be a nice photo. Audiences know what the camera’s main function when they see the ad.

Target audience: People tho like taking photos or people who want to buy a camera.

I saw this online. If I need to buy a camera to shot the fast things, I would buy it.