Corporate Idenntity-Recreate brand part 4

Competitive analysis


The audience of TNA jacket are women. This company only carries the lady’s stuff. Every jacket has the illustration logo on it. Therefore, people notice it when they see it.

This logo is really simple. Three flats and the brand name.


The brand is a winter jacket, the audience can be anyone who need a warm jacket. However, it is even more expensive than Canada Goose. The logo has a head of a root and the name of the brand. Simple as well.

– The North Face

This is also anther brand which sells the winter products. This logo is also simple, brand name and a black rainbow.


Compare to the competitors, this logo is the most contrast one.

First, it has colour on it. Second, there are goose and maple leaf combine together. Then the type face is cap and not that big as the others. Last of all, the spaces here gives a feeling of high quality product to the audiences. It is not as simple as the competitors- Competitors contrast the brand name. However, here, it contrast the illustration. Therefore, people can notice it right away.

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