Blog entry-Typographic Systems

All the images were being take from a magazine called PRINT.

 Axial System

Information are organized to the left or right of a vertical axis.

Axial System makes the type more organized, clearer when audience read it. Different colour shows different parts of the information.

Bilateral System

Huge title at the top, type in red colour are the sub titles, the rest of the type are the detail.

Bilateral System consists of a single axis with lines of text centred on the axis, so that audience can read it easily and get the title right away.

Dilatational System

Circles dilate from a central point. This photo of type is using Dilatational System, which shows a pretty good looking design. If look at it from the distance, I wouldn’t think it is using type to design.

Radial System

In the image, different colours are using here for the Radial System. The words are organized to extend from a central point of focus like rays. It makes the image more interesting, audiences won’t feel bored when they read it.

Random System

This is using Random System, the elements place randomly, without definite aim.

The elements place in different way, horizontal and vertical. The weight of the types are also different.

This system, designers can do whatever they want, make the design look interesting and professional.

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