Blog post-Typographic Innovaion

I have learned about historical typographic innovation can help the design be more artistic and special. Typographic innovation is based on the normal type face. However, it changes the design from the normal one to the creative one.

The design here, the words “The runners-up”  is typographic innovation. “The”  and “Up” don’t change, the feeling of the “Runners” relates to the illustration on the back ground, which is the equipment of a band. Therefore, the client would like it due to the type relates to the poster. It is successful.

This is a design of typographic poster. Typographic innovation is using here as well. The designer is using san serif, he/she changes the size and the weight of them like so many cube. It gives people a feeling of cuteness and bauhous. Colours are using as well to catch people’s eyes.

In this design, the type looks like cube and in the middle, some letters have a circle inside. Cute feeling shows here and attractive. The type colour relates well to the background colour. It is using three primary colours on the background. However, the yellow part, it is a little hard to read.

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