Rebranding a classic film: finished art


In my finished art, I changed the position of the name of the film, I moved upper a little bit. And I also redo the gradual of the tire marks. I also did some new change in the middle of the poster. The tire marks looks dirty after I used brushes on the top of it. And I also used brushes on the top of the name of the movie to make it looks more bloody. San-serif type is using here, so that the target audiences can see it well. I also reduce the size of the type, so that it won’t be too small in the poster. The colour of the tire marks and the type are using dark brown instead of using black. Dark brown relates to the blood, and also outstanding. When the target audience see the poster, they will get what the movie is about.

Rebranding a classic film: presentable roughs

This is my 1st presentable rough, I am using the skull and the speedometer. They combines together. The skull represents the death and the speedometer represents the race of driving. San serif font is using here. However I got a spelling mistake here. 


In this poster, I am using the blood ink and the tire ink to show the movie. The font is using serif and I made some texture with the type.


The 3rd presentable rough here, I am using yellow which shows the retro feeling of the movie. The car is the main character’s racing car in the movie. The font is clear here in the middle in red colour.

Rebranding a classic film: Preliminary concepts

Movie Name: Death Race 2000 (1975)

The link of the original poster:

The original one is colourful and many cars and main characters are shown in it. Due to the movie is from 1975, the poster is a little bit old. So I am going to combine the elements of the movie and make it looks more attractive, modernization and fancy. But still has the feeling of retro.

Number 7,8,9 and 10 are shown in the first image.

Number 7 is just the race car of Frankensteins (the main actor in the movie) ,in the poster. The title is going to use the same font as the font of the title when the movie starts.

Number 8 is a poster of Frankenstein driving his car during the race. And the title will use san serif font, so that both side of the title can be extended.

Number 9: inside of the car and handwriting of the title.

Number 10: Speeding car in the poster, and title underneath. Speeding car shows the race in the movie. I might add the background with blood or make it looks old.

Here is another image to show number 1-6.

1: The poster is really simple with the tire ink and blood. It shows the death and race. Simple but clear. The title will place 45 degree on the top of the poster.

2:A big skull with angle on its head and the title with a frame under it. Skull shows the death evil.  More information will show at the bottom of the poster.

3: A skull is using here as well, however, it shows more details of the angles here. The angles represents the car in the movie. Because Frankenstein’s car is with many angle on the front. The title is crossing with a rectangle like a “x”.

4: Title on the top with no holes and the front of the car. The most important is the main character in the movie is driving here.

5: Half face of the character in the poster. The other side is using the title and the information to balance it.

6: Speedometer is placing in the middle of the poster. The title and other information will place at the bottom. The poster is using bilateral system.