Psychology of colour


This is a design of Complementary. It is using primary colour-green and the complementary colour red. Colour red adds some white on it, same as the green, so that these two colour look well together. And it is not too bright, I think it might use some grey on it as well.

Green symbolizes nature and growth, which is great to show the nature leaves. Colour pink is red with aggression removed, which gives a feeling of romantic flower.Therefore, these two colour does not only relate to the product, but also using colour scheme style to make it look cuter.

Complementary scheme makes the flower look more outstanding.



This is a analogous design. The background is using yellow,yellow-green and green. This particular group gives a feeling of fresh and juicy. It helps the design to communicate the product to the audiences. Value is being used in some part of the design to show the darkness and the lightness part.

Green is the easiest colour, which helps to relax people. Using here combines with the flavour of the gum and the feeling of the gum.

Analogous design makes it have a feeling of clam, fresh and juicy.


Monotone (Achromatic)

This is a design of monotone. It is using the single primary colour blue. It is using blue from the color wheel and the different tints, shadows and saturation of blue. It uses saturation to make it brighter.

Colour blue is a cold colour,which gives a feeling of clean. It is also a safe colour. Therefore, this colour is using blue for the Q-tips.

It gives a feeling of clean and fresh.



It is a triadic design.A triadic colour scheme is using colours that are evenly spaced around the colour wheel. In this design, it uses the primary colours yellow, blue and red. The whole background is yellow, which relates to the lemon flavour. And the name of the product uses blue, which has a feeling of clean and fresh. Some curved line used red. The design uses colour yellow dominate and uses red and blue for accent. These three colour work well together and contrast.

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