Colour Reinterpretation

Original Postcard


First Draft

Complementary scheme I used here, because I wanted to contract the words and the pictogram in the postcard.

Purple is the complementary color of yellow. They grab attention and seem contrast each other, which also relates to the information of the postcard – Human Rights.

This color scheme is used in this postcard design to get attention, and it has a feeling of caution and justice.


Second Draft

Analogous scheme I used for the second draft because I wanted to make it much more outstanding and grab people’s attention.

Yellow, orange and red these 3 colors can communicate a warm and cozy feeling. The background is using yellow to grab attention and the orange and red are used for the information in the postcard.

Due to the first draft, the way of the type that I placed was difficult to read. Therefore, I placed the type in a different way, which was still in the Dilatational System. And I also placed the larger pictogram in the background.

The color scheme is used in this postcard to get attention, and has the feeling of caution, power and strength, which relates to the theme of the postcard – get more attention to the human right.


The reason why I think they are the improvement upon my original design, because the original one is using purple and pink, which is too plain and powerless. It won’t grab audience’s attention and it doesn’t have a serious feeling to relate to the Human rights. These two new versions are quite different from the original one because of changing the colour. They can both grab attention. However, the first draft is more contract and the second one has more powerful to tell the theme of the postcard.

I plan to effectively employ colour psychology in further designs by the following ways:

  • Think about the colors which will relate to the designs
  • Think about what feeling I am going to use
  • Analysis the Colour Psychology
  • Combine the colors that I choose to the different color schemes
  • Choose which color schemes is going to use for the design
  • If I can’t decide, then use two or more different color schemes and compare them.

What I have learned by doing this:

  • Different color has different feeling.
  • Color psychology is really important in graphics design.
  • Using color depends on the design, what information I am going to tell and what feeling that I want to convey.
  • Think about the color before using computer to do the design is necessary.
  • Successful design depends on how the colors that I use in the design.

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