Responsible design-7th Generation

7th Gen logo sketch

Before I began my project, I have thought about what I wanted to do in the design. I wanted to design a simple, clear package for 7th Generation. So in this project, I did the research for the brand 7th Generation first in my group project. Then I learnt more about the brand and what I needed to do in this project. What I did next was re-designing the logo , and the sketch is showing on the top.I had a lot of different ideas of the logo. However, the main colour that I used was green, which represents the brand. I like most of them, so it was hard to choose the final logo.

7th gen sketch

7th gen sketch 2

After that I sketched different PDP concepts that I wanted to design.


From these logos, the 7 leaves with different colour was more outstanding. Therefore, it was the final one that I chose. However, one of the leaves on the left hand side was too yellow, I changed a bit for the later design. The font that I used was san serif, which is clearer than serif. 

In the dish liquid product, I used the image for the main part and then the logo, which would standout in the self. Logo pattern was using in the tissue design. In my design, san serif type font was using for all the information, which was easy to read and made the design with a clear message. And the logo would be seen very clear.shower cleaner and box

Here is the final:

final dish liquid

I changed the colour of the logo a little bit, and I also used the logo pattern in the background, which made the looking not so boring. And the rounded rectangle background changed to a curved background.

shower cleaner and tissue

In this PDP, I also changed a little bit on the background with the logo pattern.


From a graphic designer’s perspective, as a global citizen we all have our roles and responsibilities. No matter in personal life or professional life, we have our responsibilities from the project that we design. As a designer, we need to be aware of offending in social and political aspects, therefore, we need to be responsible of what we’re designing. In addition, some designs are simple, some are not. However, no matter it is simple or not, the main idea or the main effect is the same. Therefore, this is how to choose the way to bring out a message. For example, in this 7th Generation project, it was an assignment of re-designing a logo and two products. We were responsible to design a good,clear package, which matched the brand and attract consumers. I had to search some information about this company and I needed to know what elements I could or need to use in the logo and the package. The elements also needed to be emphasis. A clear massage is really important to show in a product, same as differentiation of design, the shop-ability of design and the broaden of design. All of these are what we need to be aware in the product concepts and packaging. Therefore weather the product is successful or not depends on how the packaging design works. A good design will get into the consumers mind and helps to sale the product for the company.


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