Illustration research assignment

The article is a guide for the modern designer to know some excellent ways to make a client feel special. As being a designer, it is really important and challenge that how to communicate with clients. There is 10 ways in the article, each way has a small paragraph to define the details.

The reason why I was attracted to the illustration, was the simple ways of drawing and clrafiy clearly.

Each illustration relates to each way of the article, it explains clearly and easy for the audiences to read. For example, the 1st way “break the ice”, two people in the illustration are shaking hands even they are standing on the broken ice.

I think the illustrator used elaborate on visual metaphor to communicate the message. Even without the statements beside or under the illustration, we can know what they are talking about. He did not use some bright colour here, which is good. According to the style of illustrator, I think his style is suitable for some designs of explanation and business design.

computer arts magazine IMG_4386 IMG_4388


Computer Arts February 2013 (210)


Joe Todd Stanton


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