Corporate Idenntity-Recreate brand part 5

Final logo and design rationale

  • maple leaf represent Canada
  • goose represent the brand name and the material of the product- goose down
  • maple leaf as the background, goose in the front, contrast the goose (main point)
  • negative space and positive space of leaf and goose, balance the whole illustration
  • the spot of the type balance the whole logo
  • red colour here, more outstanding then the other colour
  • red colour also give audiences a feeling of warm, like fire
  • due to there are many different colours of the product, the logo colour can be changed,for example, black jacket with red logo, red jacker with black logo, purple jacket with white logo, etc
  • cap letter of the brand name – more outstanding than the competitors
  • audiences notice the brand right away when they see the logo

Corporate Idenntity-Recreate brand part 4

Competitive analysis


The audience of TNA jacket are women. This company only carries the lady’s stuff. Every jacket has the illustration logo on it. Therefore, people notice it when they see it.

This logo is really simple. Three flats and the brand name.


The brand is a winter jacket, the audience can be anyone who need a warm jacket. However, it is even more expensive than Canada Goose. The logo has a head of a root and the name of the brand. Simple as well.

– The North Face

This is also anther brand which sells the winter products. This logo is also simple, brand name and a black rainbow.


Compare to the competitors, this logo is the most contrast one.

First, it has colour on it. Second, there are goose and maple leaf combine together. Then the type face is cap and not that big as the others. Last of all, the spaces here gives a feeling of high quality product to the audiences. It is not as simple as the competitors- Competitors contrast the brand name. However, here, it contrast the illustration. Therefore, people can notice it right away.

Corporate Idenntity-Recreate brand part 3

Top 5 logos

These are 5 logos that show the evolution of recreate brand.


1 shows the same color as the original one, the outline of the logo is the same as well. The illustration of the logo changes to a white flying goose. The unnecessary information are deleted here, only the brand name and one maple leaf are showing here. There is also a sun in the background to show the warm and the goose flying in the sun.

Font: Optima

-san serif type face

-clear to read

-relates to the circle


This is the second old one that I created. Then I changed this one to the new one.

2 shows a black flying goose and an uncompleted maple leaf. It is simple and but shows the information clear. The maple leaf is the background, so that it won’t be unconnected to the brand. Also, the maple leaf is not completed, because if it is completed, part of the leaf will get mess up with the wings of the goose. The new one is more contract than the old one. The leaf and the goose balance the logo.

Font: Bangla MN

-san serif bold type face

-more clear and more outstanding


 This is the old third one. Due to the colour is too plain, I added something on it.

3 is using circle as the outline, then maple leave as the background and goose as the illustration. Goose and maple leaf  are the main point to show the meaning of the brand. Colour is using white, red and black, they relate great together. The shape of the goose relates to the circle outline.

Font: Futura

-san serif type face


-relates to the goose



This is the old one that i created before. However, I changed it today because it is not really show the brand, even I thought fire represent the warm. Then I changed to this one to relate to the change of 3rd and 5th logo.

The elements that I was using were the same as before, goose and maple leaf. In this one I combined the goose and the maple leaf together.

The negative and positive spaces are balanced.

Font: Otipma

-san serif type face

-cap letter, more outstanding

-words under the illustration balance the whole logo



I showed this logo in class, after showing, I changed a little bit.

The type face moved to the middle of the illustration.

Here, I created a simple line to show the shape of a goose and fire, which represent warm of the product. The words of Canada Goose in the middle more balanced than before.

Font: Lucida Calligraphy Italic

-Italic font shows the shape of the type which relates to the illustration

-serif type face looks more contract in Italic

Corporate Idenntity-Recreate brand part 2

 Here are the 20 sketches of the recreate logo. 


-Most of the illustrations are using the goose, so that people can notice it right away.

-Some of the logos are using fire- Fire shows the warm of the product.

-Down is using as well, which represents the material of the product.

-A few logos are using maple leaves to show Canada.


-Some of them are using circle as the original logo.

-Some of them are using the shape of the illustration with the type.

I’m trying to achieve a logo which shows the brand. I want my audiences know what the brand is when they see the logo.


Corporate Idenntity-Recreate brand part 1


Canada Goose is a brand of Canadian manufacturer or retailed of cold weather outerwear. Sam Tick held the company in 1957 which was also under the name ‘Metro Sportswear Ltd’. It’s products had been branded by Canada Goose since 2000. In 2011, Engineered Apparel had been acquired. The company was brought under the name Canada Goose.

A wide jackets, vests, gloves, hats and other cold weather appeal designed are manufactured by Canada Goose. Canada Goose is filled with goose and duck down(100%down-proof nylon), so that it ensure warmth. It is also utilizes coyote fur on the hoods. Therefore The quality of the jacket Canada Goose is really high, warm and fashion.  It is long- established outwear manufacturer, stylish and practical designs.

Canada Goose has been really popular in Scandinavia since 1998, in Canada since 2008. The jacket also appeared in some Hollywood movies.

Original logo:


-the outline standout.

-the colour relates together.


-Too much stuff on the logo. 1. Some information are not necessary put on the logo. For example, the website, arctic program and too much maple leaves. 2. Inside the circle, too much illustrations. For example ,the sun, the light of the sun and the pole.

-The size is too big

Reason of choosing this band:

-I don’t really like the logo of Canada goose.

-Too big

-Too much illustration and words

-Nothing relates to canada goose.

-Only shows the pole in the middle of the logo.

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