When I read the file of my last assignment, which was creating a logo and two posters of Children’s Aid Foundation. I really had no idea about it.

After I went to the website of Children’s Aid Foundation, I found out that what it is about. Then I began to think about the logo, I drew a lot of them. However, I get the wrong information of logo, therefore, most of them were wrong.

At last, I did my logo like this, simple and clear.

It looks like a tree which means children grow up like a tree.

In another way, it is a person who is pushing up the heart.

People show give love to children, so that they can grow up as strong as the tree.

The colour of the logo are pink and light brown. Pink shows the love, brown shows the trunk and person.

Two posters were created by the two dolls. At first, I wanted to use bear or balloon that I took photo of. When I put them in the poster, they didn’t show the information that I wanted to tell. So I chose these two dolls. Two dolls also matched the heading and the statement that I wrote. The colour of the heading and the statement were warm, which matched the dolls and the logo.



Before I finished this poster, I put the title of the Distillery District on the top of the poster and it was horizontal.

Then, after being given some suggestions, I changed it and put it on the right hand side vertically. I also moved the image a little bit left in order to look better with the black blank on the right.

I used the words in orange to match the buildings and to emphasis the name.

Conceptual vector composition: Presentable concepts(The Disvilley District)

After finishing the  rough image of the posters, I did some change of it, I added some words n information line spaces in my rough works after Derek has evaluated.

Then I choose three of my rough, one is this.

I took this picture from there, but I still wondering if I should add one symbolize thing on the back to stand out the poster of The Distilley District.

Then the other two are these.

The first one ,I use two of the symbol of The Distillery District in my work to stress the meaning of the poster. And the colors are all using the same color as the photos that I took.

The last one, I used one building to represent The Distillery District. Buildings are famous for it. If people saw this poster, they can get the main scene is the building.

All of them, I used different letter forms in different rough.

The poster of the Disvilley District-preliminary ideas

The distillery district-five preliminary ideas

Most of my rough copies are using the main symbol of the Distillery District. For example, time stands, the buildings and other display (because I don’t know the name of them). These display show the idea of the poster easily.

I would also like to write some words on the top when I finish the poster to show some information of the Distillery District.


In this work, I used a mobile with a dollar sign in it, in the land of the earth. I wanted to show mobile was like virus, can spread all over the world in a short period. I used green and blue color to make the land and ocean.

When I finished this, I saved it and wanted to try other style of my work, because this one looks really normal.

Then, I tried to used different color of the background, for example, yellow, red, pink, purple, blue, black, white and so on.

At last, I chose purple and black.

When I saw the purple one, I really like it and it shows the outline more shinning.

But compared to the black one. The black one emphasized the main point -phone. And it also looks like the color of stock. It connected to money.

This project that I like are the color and the idea, simple and clear. The thing that I did not like is the work can not show the map of the whole world. From this project, I leant that I had to spend more time at the beginning of the project, such as the creative things, because my creative is not good enough. I really need to improve it.

Conceptual vector composition: Presentable concepts(global and mobile)

In this image, i used hands, earth and phone. Hands in the middle show the connection between people, world and mobile. Different kinds of colour of the hands shows the nationality. Hands up also shows the money going up, the increasing sign. The phone on the top symbols the sun. It gives the sunlight to the world. The background is black and also gradual change to emphasis the hands, earth and the phone.

This one shows the phone, earth and money increasing sign. The earth break out from the phone means earth and phone connect together and both of them can earn money.

 I like this idea of this image. I think the virus can symbolize mobile, spread really fast. However , I drew the phone and the dollar sign too small. I should drew it bigger,so that it would not look like spider for the distance. The phone is in the dollar sign, the phone be the line of the dollar sign.

Conceptual vector composition-preliminary ideas(global and mobile)

In this project, I would like to create an advertisement. I want to use earth, phone or even the hands to connect the theme. When i saw the theme, the only thing in my mind was earth and phone. This is the advertisement that shows the earth and mobile.I drew the mobile around the earth to show mobile was popular and being using

This one shows the moon and the earth, they use the mobile to contact.

This is the earth with lots of different logo of mobile. And the logo looks like the land of the earth.

The one at the bottom is the one that I like most. It’s about phone connect to people’s life and spread all over the world. This one is the movie” the planet of the apes” inspired me

The one on the top is not a rough, but an idea. It shows the earth break out from the phone. The brand is Apple store,iPhone. It shows a new world break out from it.

I also like this idea, it’s not a rough, but an idea. The round thing at the bottom is the earth, there are thousands of hands shows people, different colour shows different colour of skin, shows the nationality. At the top, it is a phone.