Project 2 -postcard series

The first one means male and female are not equal. There is a problem of sexism in the social life.

The second one means violence in the world. Some people will use weapon or violence to get what they want.

The third one means children labour. Nowadays, more and more company ask children to work for them.

In this postcard, I use the children labour pictogram, and the type is using the Bilateral System. “Human Rights = Less Poverty” is using blog font to be emphasized.

In the second postcard, i use the children labour pictogram as well to relate to the type system, which is Dilatational System.

In this third postcard, I use the pictogram of the sexism. I also use the Random System here to relate to the pictogram.

All three postcards are using the same colour, which are purple and pink. Purple in the back to show the darkness of the unfair problems in the world, pink colour of the words and the pictograms stress the problems and warn people what they should do. Font is all san serif font which shows the type more clear.

As a graphic designer, we need to help the world. We have to be conscientious, we have the responsibilities to tell the problems of the world and help every global citizens to solve. We can use what we learn to tell every one in a easy, clear and simple ways, so that everyone gets the information right away. It is our responsibilities to do the right things for our world, change the unfair community, give our hands to the people who need help and make our life more beautiful and peace.