IMDB rebranding process

First Logo

Logo without word-mark

Logo with word-mark


Goals and Rationale:

  • I wanted to rebrand IMDb logo in a current and modern feeling instead of the simple  feeling.

Color intent:

  • Colour black and blue.
  • Blue gives the feeling of calm and relaxation. And the black background seems inside the cinema. The whole feeling of the logo is about the movies, calm, harmony, quiet, relax and enjoy.

Font Choice:

  • Abadi MT Condensed Extra Bold (San Serif font)
  • Easy to read and notice
  • Looks relative with the graphic element
  • Word-mark is Futura(Condensed Medium), which has long body and matches the IMDb.

Graphic elements

  • Film represents the letter I in the logo
  • Relates to the website
  • Not as simple as the original one.
  • One has frame, the other doesn’t have. Two different versions.

Second Logo

Logo without word-mark

Logo with word-mark

Goals and Rationale:

  • I wanted to rebrand the IMDb logo in a simple way with something special.

Color intent:

  • I chose the colour black and yellow-orange.
  • Yellow-orange in a black background is more contrast. Yellow-orange is an attention grabber. It gives the feeling of happy, cheerful and fun, which is the feeling that I want to give to the audience.

Font Choice:

  • Gill Sans Ultra Bold (San Serif font)
  • Huge letter size
  • Easy to notice
  • Word-mark is Century Gothic(Bold), the sharp of it is kinda circle and matches the IMDB as well.

Graphic elements

  • Two lines across
  • Two line and some dots combine together as the film
  • Simple but relates to the website

Third Logo

Logo without word-mark

Logo with word-mark

Goals and Rationale:

  • I wanted to rebrand the IMDb logo by combining the elements of film and the words.

Color intent:

  • Only black
  • Simple and serious
  • Different colours of the header in the website can be used
  • Black has a feeling of mysery and to prepare for the unknown movie journey in the website.

Font Choice:

  • Stencil Std Bold (Serif font)
  • Huge letter size
  • Easy to read and notice
  • Word mark-Futura(medium), simply shows what IMDb represents, and circle shape as well.

Graphic elements:

  • One has frame and one has not.
  • One of the movie elements shows in part of the letter D
  • Some simple lines show the bottom of the logo to separate the IMDb and the word-mark.

Four Logo (extra one)

Logo without word-mark

Logo with word-mark

Goals and Rationale:

  • I wanted to rebrand the IMDb logo by combining the elements of film and the words as well and rebrand the logo creatively.

Color intent:

  • Black background and orange logo
  • Contrast the logo
  • Orange has the feeling of happiness, fun, curious, exploration of new things and to increase creativity.

 Font Choice:

  • Braggadocio (San Serif font)
  • Huge letter size, but a little bit hard to read
  • Easy to notice
  • Creativity
  • Word mark-Helvetica(Light), which easily tells the creative IMDb represents Internet Movie  Database, also, separates the font on the top.

Graphic elements:

  • Using frame
  • Left part of the letter D is the film
  • Easily combine the film into the letter D
  • One version with the word-mark inside the frame.


Here is the 6 sketches of the IMDb website template:


Colour Reinterpretation

Original Postcard


First Draft

Complementary scheme I used here, because I wanted to contract the words and the pictogram in the postcard.

Purple is the complementary color of yellow. They grab attention and seem contrast each other, which also relates to the information of the postcard – Human Rights.

This color scheme is used in this postcard design to get attention, and it has a feeling of caution and justice.


Second Draft

Analogous scheme I used for the second draft because I wanted to make it much more outstanding and grab people’s attention.

Yellow, orange and red these 3 colors can communicate a warm and cozy feeling. The background is using yellow to grab attention and the orange and red are used for the information in the postcard.

Due to the first draft, the way of the type that I placed was difficult to read. Therefore, I placed the type in a different way, which was still in the Dilatational System. And I also placed the larger pictogram in the background.

The color scheme is used in this postcard to get attention, and has the feeling of caution, power and strength, which relates to the theme of the postcard – get more attention to the human right.


The reason why I think they are the improvement upon my original design, because the original one is using purple and pink, which is too plain and powerless. It won’t grab audience’s attention and it doesn’t have a serious feeling to relate to the Human rights. These two new versions are quite different from the original one because of changing the colour. They can both grab attention. However, the first draft is more contract and the second one has more powerful to tell the theme of the postcard.

I plan to effectively employ colour psychology in further designs by the following ways:

  • Think about the colors which will relate to the designs
  • Think about what feeling I am going to use
  • Analysis the Colour Psychology
  • Combine the colors that I choose to the different color schemes
  • Choose which color schemes is going to use for the design
  • If I can’t decide, then use two or more different color schemes and compare them.

What I have learned by doing this:

  • Different color has different feeling.
  • Color psychology is really important in graphics design.
  • Using color depends on the design, what information I am going to tell and what feeling that I want to convey.
  • Think about the color before using computer to do the design is necessary.
  • Successful design depends on how the colors that I use in the design.

Psychology of colour


This is a design of Complementary. It is using primary colour-green and the complementary colour red. Colour red adds some white on it, same as the green, so that these two colour look well together. And it is not too bright, I think it might use some grey on it as well.

Green symbolizes nature and growth, which is great to show the nature leaves. Colour pink is red with aggression removed, which gives a feeling of romantic flower.Therefore, these two colour does not only relate to the product, but also using colour scheme style to make it look cuter.

Complementary scheme makes the flower look more outstanding.



This is a analogous design. The background is using yellow,yellow-green and green. This particular group gives a feeling of fresh and juicy. It helps the design to communicate the product to the audiences. Value is being used in some part of the design to show the darkness and the lightness part.

Green is the easiest colour, which helps to relax people. Using here combines with the flavour of the gum and the feeling of the gum.

Analogous design makes it have a feeling of clam, fresh and juicy.


Monotone (Achromatic)

This is a design of monotone. It is using the single primary colour blue. It is using blue from the color wheel and the different tints, shadows and saturation of blue. It uses saturation to make it brighter.

Colour blue is a cold colour,which gives a feeling of clean. It is also a safe colour. Therefore, this colour is using blue for the Q-tips.

It gives a feeling of clean and fresh.



It is a triadic design.A triadic colour scheme is using colours that are evenly spaced around the colour wheel. In this design, it uses the primary colours yellow, blue and red. The whole background is yellow, which relates to the lemon flavour. And the name of the product uses blue, which has a feeling of clean and fresh. Some curved line used red. The design uses colour yellow dominate and uses red and blue for accent. These three colour work well together and contrast.

Rebranding a classic film: finished art


In my finished art, I changed the position of the name of the film, I moved upper a little bit. And I also redo the gradual of the tire marks. I also did some new change in the middle of the poster. The tire marks looks dirty after I used brushes on the top of it. And I also used brushes on the top of the name of the movie to make it looks more bloody. San-serif type is using here, so that the target audiences can see it well. I also reduce the size of the type, so that it won’t be too small in the poster. The colour of the tire marks and the type are using dark brown instead of using black. Dark brown relates to the blood, and also outstanding. When the target audience see the poster, they will get what the movie is about.

Rebranding a classic film: presentable roughs

This is my 1st presentable rough, I am using the skull and the speedometer. They combines together. The skull represents the death and the speedometer represents the race of driving. San serif font is using here. However I got a spelling mistake here. 


In this poster, I am using the blood ink and the tire ink to show the movie. The font is using serif and I made some texture with the type.


The 3rd presentable rough here, I am using yellow which shows the retro feeling of the movie. The car is the main character’s racing car in the movie. The font is clear here in the middle in red colour.

Rebranding a classic film: Preliminary concepts

Movie Name: Death Race 2000 (1975)

The link of the original poster:

The original one is colourful and many cars and main characters are shown in it. Due to the movie is from 1975, the poster is a little bit old. So I am going to combine the elements of the movie and make it looks more attractive, modernization and fancy. But still has the feeling of retro.

Number 7,8,9 and 10 are shown in the first image.

Number 7 is just the race car of Frankensteins (the main actor in the movie) ,in the poster. The title is going to use the same font as the font of the title when the movie starts.

Number 8 is a poster of Frankenstein driving his car during the race. And the title will use san serif font, so that both side of the title can be extended.

Number 9: inside of the car and handwriting of the title.

Number 10: Speeding car in the poster, and title underneath. Speeding car shows the race in the movie. I might add the background with blood or make it looks old.

Here is another image to show number 1-6.

1: The poster is really simple with the tire ink and blood. It shows the death and race. Simple but clear. The title will place 45 degree on the top of the poster.

2:A big skull with angle on its head and the title with a frame under it. Skull shows the death evil.  More information will show at the bottom of the poster.

3: A skull is using here as well, however, it shows more details of the angles here. The angles represents the car in the movie. Because Frankenstein’s car is with many angle on the front. The title is crossing with a rectangle like a “x”.

4: Title on the top with no holes and the front of the car. The most important is the main character in the movie is driving here.

5: Half face of the character in the poster. The other side is using the title and the information to balance it.

6: Speedometer is placing in the middle of the poster. The title and other information will place at the bottom. The poster is using bilateral system.