My Responsibility as a Designer

I think every designer has their own responsibilities from the project that they designed. As a designer, I need to be aware of offending in social and political aspects, therefore, i need to be responsible of what I’m designing. In addition, some designs are simple, some are not. However, no matter it is simple or not, the main idea or the main effect is the same. Therefore, this is how to choose the way to bring out a message. For example, the last project that we did, was designing a logo and two posters for Children’s Aid Foundation.We had responsible to design a good poster or logo which matched the information that we wanted the poster show. I had to find some information about this agency and I needed to know what elements I could use for the logo and the poster. The elements also needed to emphasis the idea. So Our design had to be help the agency, we also need to try our best to help the agency that we need to, we can not just finish our work.