Typography in print that you use each day,menus, magazines,books

There are millions of letterforms that we see or use everyday.

Most of the books are using Baskerville. They have sharper serifs.

However, some magazines are using Helvetica.For example, Design Art.

There is some title which is using serif. I am not sure which font it is using. I think it might be using palatino.




Letterforms from around Toronto

“IN THIS LANE” is written on the street sign.

Helvetica is using here. It is simple that people can see it clearly.

Winners is a shop’s name,which is using Helvetica as well.

This sign in the subway for showing the direction is still using Helvetica.

This sigh is also using the font Helvetica.

From the photo that I took, they are all using the font Helvetica. No wonder people say Helvetica is one of the world’s most widely used typefaces. Helvetica’s uniform and upright character makes it similar to the serif letters. This typeface is really popular in sign, name of stores,directions,etc.

Urban typography- from way finding signage to grafitti


The word “PARIS” is the family font of serif.  I saw a font, Clarlemagne Std, looks like this.


The color here looks like Christmas, green and red. I couldn’t figure which font it looks like. It is a little bit complicated to read.

This graffiti is the font from sans-serif.  It looks like the font which is called TRADE GOTHIC.  It is simple and clear here. White and green match nice together. And it is also shows the 3D effect.

Type on the web and mobile devices-fun and functional.

The type on the web or the mobile devices helps them a lot. The type helps people to check on the website to look up the information that they need. The type also helps the mobile devices, such as games, fun type abstract people to buy it or play it.

This game is called Chop Sushi which is from Apple Store. The type at the beginning abstracts me right away. The background and the type match nice together.

This game abstract me at once as well.

The type for the website might be much more simple. They seldom use the typefaces which are hard to read, because there are a lot of information on the website. It can’t be too hard to read.


FINAL- Calendar

Gradient change shows in letter May. The colour of letter May is from light to dark.

The year, I used it in color to emphasis it. In this calendar, Bodoni is used in this calendar.

In this calendar, the year and the month were both put on the edge of the calendar. The year was horizontal and the month was vertical.  The date of the month were put on the left side to balance it.

This calendar, the biggest two was not only represent the February and part of the year, 2012.  The year is also put randomly and the rest of the number of the year were smaller to show the difference between the year n the month. Bodoni is also used in here.

Package goods typography

This photo is about a package of paper. It is using the letter fonts which called Baskerville. I liked it because this kind of fonts fit the product.

This photo is about the package of cookies, it’s using the letter fonts which comes from the letter fonts Futura.

This is a photo of a package of mango pulp. I don’t really like this package of type. The typefaces have heavy, slablike serifs. It comes from the fonts Clarendon.